Baby Carriages

100% Cotton Baby Swing Made in USA -
- Traveling with your baby is convenient. This carrier is unique in that its design is non-bulky, portable and easy to use. Slide the carrier around your torso, and your baby slips in or out in seconds--no need to tie, buckle, or adjust. When you are finished using the carrier it can be easily folded up and takes up a SMALL amount of room in your purse or diaper bag--or you can even just keep it on!
- Secure. The shape of this sling has a built in curve that keeps your baby secure without you holding on.
- Cooler. Many other carriers are like quilts with extra padding or fabric. This can become very hot. This carrier does not have any extra fabric or padding-less is more!
- Versatile. Due to the simplicity of this carrier, it can be used in many positions and worn comfortably for longer periods of time. Carry your baby on your front, side or back. After four months of age, your baby can ride in many positions including straddling your hip. You can also use this sling to carry twins (you can email me to request a photo of this) or for pets! The detailed instructions that come with your sling provide all the information you will need on the various carrying positions.
- High Quality. The 100% cotton fabric used for this sling was selected for durability and each product is constructed to last through many babies. Every sling is handcrafted to professional standards by mothers working in their homes and inspected for quality.
- Ideal Support for newborns. This carrier supports your babies' spine in the fetal position. This is ideal until your baby can sit up (weight on the tailbone before that time can cause spine problems). Babies can see their parents face and look out into the world.
- Gentle on your back and shoulders. Endorsed by chiropractors, this carrier provides broad weight distribution from your shoulder to your hips and aligns your baby's center of gravity as close to your body as possible. There are no buckles, belts, clips or rings to pinch or rub you. The wide shoulder strap will not dig or cut, as narrow straps do.
- Bonding. Because this carrier is so convenient and easy to use, you spend more time in close physical contact with your baby. This loving contact fosters parent-child bonding and promotes happy, health child development.
- Made in the USA.
- Colour: Army Green
- Machin Wash in cold water
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