Key Property Strategies in ROCHEDALE, Queensland for sale


Shipping can be arranged for $8.95, You can view more property investment books just Google our Website PropertyBooks Au This is an Audio CD that was recorded at a presentation that Michael presented at in a Melbourne workshop.
60 Minute Audio CD
DVD also Available
More Information about Michael
Michael Andjelkovic is Australia’s Real Estate Success Coach who inspires, encourages and educates people to create wealth and Financial Freedom by using sevenkeys to create success in your life. His message is “The right strategy implemented leads to Success.” By being clear of your goals, choosing and focusing on your strategy and by being willing to put in some work and effort you will find that opportunities for creating success are everywhere.” Mr Andjelkovic said that 3 of the 7 keys to creating your own Success are Strategies, Understanding and Commitment. Michael said that creating and developing his message has been a labour of love that has taken him years to fully appreciate and now he wants to share it with the world.
I have found that by remaining positive and implementing my Success Strategies I now have the opportunity to go to Hollywood for the launch of the book “Ready, Aim, Captivate” which I believe will assist and inspire many people with the inspiring and captivating messages it contains. To be featured in an interview alongside international bestselling author Dr Deepak Chopra and Emmy award winner Jim Stovall in this book is such a huge honour,” he said. As a home based business owner from Sydney, Australia, going to the Gala Book Launch at The Magic Castle in Hollywood is a dream come true. I hope that by sharing my story of success in achieving my one of my goals, that others will become inspired and encouraged by it and will strive to pursue your own dreams and goals knowing that its possible create success in their lives also.