Superannuation and Taxation in ROCHEDALE, Queensland for sale


Shipping can be arranged for $8.95, You can view more property investment books just Google our Website PropertyBooks Au Superannuation and Taxation: A Practical Guide to Saving Tax on Super or SMSF covers all the key superannuation taxation information that all Australians need to know to successfully and profitably manage their super or SMSF. Complete with plenty of case studies, handy tips and traps to avoid, Superannuation and Taxation is an accessible guide through the complex tax maze the ATO have constructed.
Each chapter will closely follow the format of Shares & Taxation and Property and Taxation and wherever possible the author will use identical sub-headings (e.g. At a glance: superannuation and tax ) to introduce topics. Each chapter will end with Useful References and list similar information to the previous two titles.
Packed with tax tips, tax traps to avoid and practical case studies, this comprehensive guide will give you the know-how to legally reduce your tax liability - and build your wealth.